Rise by Dash 4.5 Qt. Stirring Popcorn popper

Welcome to our review of the Rise by Dash Stirring Electric Popcorn Popper Maker.

The specific model that we are reviewing today is the 4.5 quart (18 cups) size - nostalgic sky blue (aqua) color. The lid doubles as a serving bowl, and has multiple other purposes as well.

You may have seen and/or heard of the this popcorn popper also called the SmartStore Stirring Popcorn Maker. Well, it's actually the sister brand of Rise by Dash. More on this just below the first picture.

There are a few sizes and variations of this hot oil theater style popcorn popper, which we will also be covering.

Rise by Dash Stirring Popcorn Maker

Fun Facts About Dash

Here's some brief background information about the companies involved with this product.

Dash and SmartStore are partnership brands operated and manufactured by StoreBound, and Rise by Dash is one of their new sister brands.

So, when you see these DASH popcorn poppers posted online or in retail stores as either of those brands, be confident knowing that they are basically the same products, just branded with a different name for various marketing purposes.

Anyways, enough with the boring stuff. Let's get this poppin off!

DASH Popcorn Popper Maker Review

First of all, I would like to point out that this not an air popper. It is a small portable version of a movie theater style popcorn popper.

These are currently available in three sizes and a couple different colors.

  • 3 Quart size (12 cups).
  • 4.5 Quart size (18 cups), which is the one we're reviewing here for this article.
  • 6 Quart size (24 cups), also known as the Deluxe.

All three poppers come with a lid, which doubles as a serving bowl. It also fits inside its base, making it more convenient for better storage.

Their most common color is the nostalgic looking aqua. They're also available in traditional red. I would like to assume that they may release other colors later on in the future, as they've done with some of their other products.

Unboxing The Rise by Dash Popcorn popper

Here are a few pictures of the box itself, just in case you might try to scope them out in the wild.

Rise by Dash Box FrontFront of box.
Rise by Dash Box BackBack.
Rise by Dash Box Side LeftRight side.
Rise by Dash Box Side LeftLeft side.
Rise by Dash Box TopTop
Rise by Dash Box BottomBottom

Alright, so let's pull this new electric powered toy out, shall we...

Rise by Dash UnboxingUnboxing the Rise by Dash Popcorn Popper

As you can see, the base fits nicely right inside the lid/bowl. An instruction packet is included.

Rise by Dash Instructions - Parts ListParts List
Rise by Dash Instructions - Before First UseBefore First Use
Rise by Dash Instructions - Cleand and StorageCleaning and Storage
Rise by Dash InstructionsInstructions

Instructions Using The Rise by Dash 4.5 QT Electric Popcorn Popper

The instructions are pretty simple. You'll be eating freshly popped popcorn in just a matter of minutes.

Rise by Dash ChartHere's an ingredient chart for quick reference on how much oil, kernels, and butter to use.

For this batch, I'm going to be making 4 quarts of popcorn. So, I have 2 tablespoons of oil (I'm going with movie theater butter flavored oil), 1/2 cup of kernels, and a pat of butter.

Rise by Dash Pouring Oil

Pour the oil onto the cooking surface.

Rise by Dash Pouring Kernels

Pour the kernels onto the cooking surface.

Rise by Dash Butter

Place the lid on. Optionally, add a pat of butter on top.

*Note: Do NOT place the cap on the lid while it's cooking, There are holes on top of the lid, which are necessary for venting the steam during the cooking process. They also allow for the butter to drip through as it melts.

Turn on the machine and stand by for a few minutes. It may take about 3 to 4 minutes for it to heat up and start popping. Allow it to run until the kernels are popping less frequently, about 2-3 seconds in between each pop. Turn it off and unplug it.

Rise by Dash cap placed on lid/bowl.

It will be hot, so allow it to cool down to a manageable temperature.

Rise by Dash Flip

Securely place the cap on top of the lid, then flip it over.

Rise by Dash Popcorn

Remove the base, season if desired, and enjoy.

Snippets of reviews from what other customers are saying

There are plenty of customer reviews for the different variations of these Dash popcorn makers. Here's what some folks have said...

"... takes a few minutes to heat up, but once it gets going, it goes."

"... very little kernels left unpopped."

"... evenly cooked ... impressed."

"Love it!"

"So fun!"

"Great quality! Makes delicious popcorn!"

"Better than the microwave."

As we start to wrap this up, here are some of the positive and negative aspects that we've gathered...


  • Easy to use
  • 3 Size options
  • Multiple Colors
  • 3-in-1 Lid
  • Compact
  • Affordable


  • Plastic bowl might crack if mishandled
  • Extra parts to clean
  • Some kernels left unpopped

In conclusion, I myself find that this Dash electric stirring popcorn maker is well worth the money spent.

It's a fun little activity to enjoy with the family and friends.

You can have a compact size popcorn maker with fresh movie theater style popcorn, right in the comfort of your own home. And stores away nicely when not in use.

There are QR codes in the instruction booklet for more information about safety, their warranty, tips, and recipes.

Have a look at what other consumers are saying, sizes and color options, and current prices...

Click here to check current price and availability and reviews for the Rise by Dash Popcorn Popper.

Or, why not have a look at some of the other options that we've mentioned within this article.

Compare and select the size and color for the popcorn popper that's just right for you.

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Rise by Dash 4.5 qt Stirring Popcorn Maker