Popcorn Pranks

Are you looking to get back at somebody?

Or just here for a good laugh?

Pulling popcorn pranks are a great way to test someones laugh-o-meter.

You may want to be careful though. Be prepared just in case your prank happens to backfire on you. Sometimes there's no telling how the prankee will react about being pranked by a popcorn prankster. A retaliation may be on their agenda.

The thing about most awesome pranks with popcorn is that you need to have a whole lot of popped popcorn. But hey, it's well worth the laugh, right?

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Our 5 Simple Popcorn Pranking Rules

  1. Safety first.
  2. Don't get caught in the act.
  3. Laugh your butt off.
  4. Try to catch it on video (then send it in to us ;-) ).
  5. Be prepared for retaliation.

List of Fun Pranks With Popcorn

Popcorn Overflow Prank

Fill up large types of personal items entirely full of popcorn. These can be things like cars, dressers, closets, bedrooms, enclosed showers, or office cubicles. Then just sit back and wait for them to open up the door as it spills out everywhere.

If you have a kind heart, don't use the buttered or flavor kinds, unless you really don't like that person I suppose. At least keep it somewhat clean by using plain popped kettle corn. Or else you might be the one picking up the cleaning tab.

There have numerous reports of pranks being pulled on some professional athletes...

NBA power forward Jason Thompson of the Sacramento Kings had his car filled with popcorn for not doing his rookie assignments. He took it in stride as everybody enjoyed the laugh together.

Kenyon Martin of the Denver Nuggets had his white interior Range Rover filled with buttered popcorn on April Fools Day. However, he was so irate over it that he threatened to put hands on the person who did it.

Popcorn Over The Door Prank

This may take a little ingenuity. You can use some sort of a container such as a bucket, cardboard box, garbage bag, or a large bowl. You might also need some string and some sort of a pulley system. Rig the container so that when the door opens it will tip upside down so the popcorn dumps right on top of the person walking through the door.

Popcorn Flavor Prank

This is quite and easy. Simply flavor just a few popcorn pieces with something weird or crazy, then serve it up to your special guest and watch when their face cringes in disgust.

Consider using a really spicy chile pepper. Or crush up some sour candy into dust and sprinkle it on. You can actually find sour flavored popcorn for sale too.

The old fake popcorn can sometimes work too. If they figure out that it's fake before putting it into their mouth then it probably won't be too funny. But if they start chewing on it then you might get a quick little chuckle. Also known as “faux looking popcorn”.

The "Thing" In The Popcorn Bowl Prank

This one is classic. Place something out of the ordinary inside the bowl. When they go to grab a handful of popcorn, they'll either see or feel what you placed in the bowl and hopefully will freak out screaming like a little girl and toss the popcorn everywhere.

You can add things like fake spiders or reptiles. Fake body parts are a good one too. If you're really creative, you could find a way to get something to crawl or pop up out of the bowl. Now that should put them on edge.

Happy Pranking!

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