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Kick your shoes off, relax and come on in to the Popcorn Time Lounge. Here's a bit of popcorn humor dedicated for you to unwind a little.

Be sure to bring your fun along with you. ;-) (Per the Dave & Buster's slogan)

Side note: If you've come here looking for the Popcorn Time online game, you've come to the wrong place. But hey, why not stick around for minute...

If you've had a hard day and need something to make you smile, we have a few jokes that just might do the trick. Some might sound kind of corny, but please keep an open mind.

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Tossing Popcorn at the Pepsi Max Lounge

Planning on pranking someone? We have quite a few ideas that should very well handle that situation. It's all in good fun, however, some people tend to get a little carried away. Therefore, you may want to use good judgment on whom you'll be pranking.

We also would like to extend the invitation for you to send in your jokes and pranks. Perhaps you have pulled a good prank on somebody. You can share your popcorn prank and story with us too.

You can also add your photos and videos to add more visual to the details of your prank or joke (include a side note with your e-mail address and I will e-mail you with the very simple directions of sending in your photo images or video).

Corny Popcorn Jokes

Popcorn Jokes Thumbnail Image

Popcorn Jokes

There's nothing like a good joke to make us smile. Mix that ingredient together with a dose of popcorn and you have the next best thing aside from a soda and a movie. I'm quite sure that is a bit overboard with the analogy, but you get the point...

Popcorn Pranks

Popcorn Pranks Thmbnail Image

Popcorn Pranks

A well thought out prank is usually rewarding when the entire plan works to perfection. Of course the person who has been pranked doesn't always enjoy being the target. But that's just part of the game. Ask yourself this question, are you ready to play the game?...

Popcorn Quotes

Popcorn Quotes

Find inspiration or just pass the time going through our extensive list of quotes. I've piled up quotes from some of the world's most famous celebrities like Madonna and The Rock, to unknown authors, and everything in between.

Popcorn Tattoos

Popcorn tattoos

Popcorn Tattoos

Generate ideas for your new tattoo by looking through pictures of popcorn inspired themed designs. Gather tips for designing your tat, and selecting the right artist to fit the style you desire.

If you already have your body inked up with a popcorn piece, you'll also be given the opportunity to submit and share it with us and to be displayed on our website as your very own webpage.

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