About The Popcorn Boss

Hello there. What's poppin'!?

I'm Jason, the popcorn fanatic tinkering around behind the scenes here at the Popcorn Boss. With a little help from my wife and kids.

How This Popcorn Website Is Possible

I am NOT an internet techie nor a computer guru.

I must give credit to my Solo Build It! web hosting subscription. Without this program, I wouldn't have the knowledge and ability of reaching out to thousands of people like yourself every month and providing them with valuable information about popcorn.

I take pride in delivering outstanding, original and unique content articles for you. The crazy thing is that I generate an income from this website, yet I don't even sell any of my own physical products on here. Isn't that something?

So, how do I make money without selling popcorn supplies?...

Discover more about my journey towards how I came to build this popcorn website.

Yup, I love popcorn...

My kids and I enjoy listening and watching as those kernels get piping hot and start popping into a furious frenzy. The smell of freshly popped popcorn is much inviting, and the tasty treat is well worth the few minutes of fun that it takes to make.

Here's the thing... My family and I enjoy watching movies.

Naturally, a nice big bowl of popcorn and an iced cold soda pop make for the perfect night at the movies. Wouldn't you agree?

As you can tell, popcorn is a huge passion of mine, which is just one of the reasons why I created this website. I have always enjoyed munching on popcorn ever since I was just a young buck. I'm sure that most people in the world just like you and I have grown up snacking on popcorn since their childhood too.

Our Goal for this Popcorn Website

The main reason I developed this site is to help out my fellow popcorn enthusiasts, which is you.

You see, I test out all kinds of name brands and flavored varieties of gourmet popcorn, as well as different types of popcorn related items, supplies and accessories. I thoroughly review those pippy pop products and pass that information on to you throughout this site to help assist you in making the best possible choices for your needs.

It seems to be a bit frustrating that popcorn machines have become hard to find in most local shopping centers. Sure, you may come across a small popcorn popper or two, but usually of low quality and quite cheap. Those could be great as to get started, but no where near as fun as owning a high quality old fashioned movie theater style popcorn machine to showcase with your family and friends.

Those are just some of the things that sparked my interest into building this website about popcorn with he help of SBI!.

Questions? – Contact the Popcorn Boss

Feel free to pop on over to my contact page if you have any questions or concerns that you would like to ask me. I'll be more than glad and willing to help the best that I can. Including secrets about developing an amazing popcorn business plan.

Best regards,


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