Cracker Jack Popcorn

Hey, what's crackin'?

I've been snacking on Cracker Jacks ever since I was just a kid, as far back as I can remember. Now I have two growing boys that get to enjoy munching on one of America's all time favorite snacks.

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Original Flavored Cracker Jack Popcorn - 3 Pack 1 oz. Boxes and 8.5 oz. Bag

Original Cracker Jack Popcorn

Basically, it's caramel coated popcorn and peanuts.

Personally, I enjoy caramel, nuts, and popcorn, so this is right in my ballpark.

It's a nice blend of sweet and salty flavors. And you get a good crunchy bite as the flavors fill your mouth.

Cracker Jack popcorn taste test

Surprise Toys, Fun Prizes and Serious Collectors

As of 2016, no longer does every package come with one of their famous toy surprise prizes. Although most adults and grown people may feel that these prizes were kinda lame, it had made it fun for many small children over the years.

Instead of their traditional prizes, they have included digital QR codes that you can use along with their free Cracker Jack App for Android and iPhone users here.

Since 1912, billions of toys and prizes have been issued. From stickers, temporary tattoos, spinning tops, medallions, charms, coins, and much more. It's my understanding that a 1915 complete series baseball card collection of 176 cards was sold for eight hundred thousand dollars. Yeah, that would be real nice to have, huh?

Some people have become quite serious and so obsessed about Cracker Jacks, including the various prizes that collectors seek after, that a club has been developed for them. It's known as the Cracker Jack Collectors Association: CJCA. Are you a member?

New and Improved Cracker Jack Flavors

Currently owned and manufactured by Frito-Lay, this caramel popcorn delight has graced us for over a century. Finally, in celebration of 120 years of existence, two new flavors were unveiled and released in 2013...

Butter Toffee

Kettle Corn

They've also added more peanuts to the original flavor. Heck Yeah! The only downside is that the peanuts are usually found at the bottom of the box or bag. Oh well, something to look forward to I guess.

Butter Toffee Flavor

Butter Toffee Flavored Cracker Jack Popcorn

The Butter Toffee flavor is pretty good. It has that smooth and subtly sweet, buttered candy taste. And contains a nice crunch. It doesn't leave a long lasting powerful aftertaste lingering in your mouth like some candied popcorn does. Most people that I've heard from seem to really love this flavor as well.

Unfortunately, I have not yet tried the Kettle Corn flavor. I haven't spotted any at the local supermarkets that I frequent. But, as soon as I find some I will definitely grab a bag or two and report back here with my thoughts.

Have you tried the new and improved flavors yet?

What are some of your favorite childhood memories revolving around Cracker Jack's?

We'll be looking forward to hearing from you. You're welcome to leave your comments further down the page.


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