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Orville Redenbacher's Microwave Popcorn Popper by Presto

Review for Orville Redenbacher's PowerPop Microwave Multi-Popcorn Popper made by Presto. Stock number 04830. PowerBase and PowerCup concentrators so nearly every kernel pops. Convenient and popular.

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Best Microwave Popcorn Brand To Buy - Vote For Your Favorite

What is the best microwave popcorn? Vote on great tasting brands. Select from the different types of assorted flavors and toppings. Results in real time after you have voted. Which is the top choice?

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Popcorn Business Owner Listings For Small Biz Exposure

Are you a popcorn business owner and looking to get expand your brand? List your company profile on our website for free to gain mass exposure. Carts, online store, or brick and mortar shop.

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Popcorn Business Plan Start Up Tips And Secrets

Planning to create a popcorn business? Great! This wholesome snack is a multi-billion dollar industry. Cash in for a piece of the pie with these must know biz starter opportunity ideas and advice.

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Popcorn Tattoo Theme Pictures And Ideas

Inked up? Tatted down? Have tats of popcorn? Show off your cool popcorn tattoos with us! Snap photos of your awesome popcorn ink, submit those pictures and stories. Get fresh ideas here.

Continue reading "Popcorn Tattoo Theme Pictures And Ideas"

History Of Microwave Popcorn

Discover the full history of microwave popcorn, by who and how it was invented. Basically two simultaneous inventions that were accidentally discovered leading to what most households enjoy today.

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Popcorn Quotes, Quotations, Sayings and Phrases

Extensive list of quotes pertaining to popcorn. Words quoted from famous men and women, celebrities, and unknown people. Use as inspiration for teachers, kids, weddings and parties.

Continue reading "Popcorn Quotes, Quotations, Sayings and Phrases"

Popcorn Jokes - Joking Around With Popped Corny Comedy

Enjoy a good laugh with some popcorn jokes. Grab yourself some popcorn, hang out and enjoy a little bit of comedy. Let's get this show poppin'. Share your jokes or pranks too.

Continue reading "Popcorn Jokes - Joking Around With Popped Corny Comedy"

Butter Toffee Flavor Cracker Jack's

Butter Toffee Flavored Cracker Jack's

The Butter Toffee flavor is pretty good. It has that smooth and subtly sweet, buttered candy taste. And contains a nice crunch...

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Cracker Jack Caramel Coated Popcorn and Peanuts

Cracker Jack popcorn. Traditional sweet and salty snack with little fun prizes for kids and adults to enjoy. New flavors include Butter Toffee and Kettle Corn. Original improved with more peanuts.

Continue reading "Cracker Jack Caramel Coated Popcorn and Peanuts"

Share Your Favorite Homemade Popcorn Recipe

Awesome popcorn recipes sent in by our visitors. Send in your pop-tastic ideas of how you conjure up your favorite movie time snack.

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Prepackaged Popped Popcorn Bagged and Boxed

Prepackaged popcorn snacks are often packaged in bags or boxes, and ready to eat. Various flavors and famous brands include Popcorn Indiana, Cracker Jack, Fiddle Faddle, Crunch N Munch.

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What's Poppin'! Is Our Free Popcorn Newsletter

What's Poppin'! is our free popcorn newsletter that provides news, updates, promos, and highlights from our website. Sign up today to begin receiving your free e-zine delivered straight to your inbox.

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Microwave Popcorn Danger - Harmful Health Risks Of Microwaveable Foods

What are the dangers of microwaving popcorn? Find out here about the problems consumers possibly face from eating one of the World's most favorite snack. Is it really dangerous to our health?

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Popcorn Questionnaire Survey

Please take a quick moment to answer a few brief questions for our survey about popcorn. Thank you.

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